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Meet the Spinosa’s

Our love story was the beginning vision for Bistecca Italian Chop House. We honeymooned in Italy and wanted to experience all the culinary specialties from each region we visited. As an event planner (by day), I took on the responsibility of planning our wedding and because Terry is Italian, I requested he take on the task of planning our honeymoon (makes perfect sense, right?). We both decided we wanted to tour  small towns/provinces and avoid the large “touristy” cities. Terry planned our itinerary for months and was meticulous with every detail of our schedule. Our itinerary was FLAWLESS…well so we thought.
Upon arriving to Italy, we were to pick up our reserved rental car at the Fiumicino Airport (Rome) and begin our journey to Casperia, our first stop on the meticulously planned itinerary. HAAAAAA — No rental car for the Spinosa’s! Without missing a beat my new hubby began coordinating Plan B and then we were off to Poggio Mirteto by train and instructed (by the owner of the Bed and Breakfast in Casperia) to wait at the train station/café for our driver to pick us up because there were no trains that traveled directly to the small town of Casperia. Once we arrived to the Bed and Breakfast my amazing husband began planning a new itinerary with the owner of the Bed and Breakfast because she advised that without a car it would be difficult to travel to the small towns originally scheduled. With a new itinerary assembled, off to our second stop – Florence. I was not thrilled about this stop because while planning our honeymoon, Terry asks me, “What is the one thing you want to see or do in Italy?” I immediately responded, “EAT & DRINK WINE…I am not interested in seeing architecture or cathedrals, I can see that in a book or a magazine.” In typical fashion, Terry just smiled and said, “no buildings or churches…just food and vino…got it!” Now we are heading to Florence, a city known for it’s architecture. Walking around Florence, guess who was constantly tripping (looking up rather than ahead), “catching flies” (mouth wide open in sheer awe) and experiencing permanent goose bumps (one word – Duomo)? I’ll let Terry answer that question because HE KNEW better from the day he asked me that one simple question. Florence is where we experienced our first bistecca alla Fiorentina. Not only were we in love but we fell in love with this huge, wood grilled, rare piece of beef. It was divine and prepared with simple ingredients but full of flavor!
We then traveled to the Amalfi Coast and Positano, enjoying delicious food in every region we visited and along the way. We finished our honeymoon where it all began in Rome — at a Donkey Farm. Yes you read that correctly, a Donkey Farm…where we enjoyed delicious brick oven pizzas, a house made red wine we can’t wait to open on our anniversary and amazing beef prepared perfectly including the bistecca alla Fiorentina. It was the perfect ending to our honeymoon, beginning of our life together as Mr. and Mrs. Spinosa and desire to share the delicious flavors and foods we experienced in Italy.
At Bistecca Italian Chop House we hope your dinner experience embodies our trip to Italy: unpretentious but beautiful, rustic but stylish, simple but bold, traditional but unique and delizioso!

Terry and Angela Spinosa